This program is designed for people whose life's work is to leave the world in a better state than they found it. 

Spiral Butterfly differs from other retreats because it has been designed for change-makers. If you are a change-maker or want to be, then this retreat is for you.


Imagine being a more effective bringer of change, influencing the systems you are in with new vitality and energy drawn from your deep connection to your purpose and the universe we live in. 


The work you will do goes deeper than any previous program. Change Makers are people who grow others and make the world a better place. To do that, you need to develop yourself first. This retreat does that. 

Who should attend?

What outcomes does it bring?



The course will make you a better change-maker. 


If the status quo is no longer acceptable, this retreat will help you change it.


If it is time to advance in a different direction, if you are experiencing stuck patterns in your life, relationships, or at work, or experiencing apathy and disconnection, then this retreat is for you. It is also for those who are in their power and want to use that for good. It is a rewiring of your inner landscapes that will enable you to be more successful in making a difference in the world and happier in it. 


The retreat helps you be in tune with your emotions and leverage the wisdom they provide. This helps you build better relationships, systems, and a better planet.


It is for anyone over 18 who wants to be one of the best change-makers in the world. 


The outcome is that you will be better at bringing about change because you will see the world, each other, and how we interact differently. You will be enabled with real tools, skills and experience. 


You will also start building a changemaker family where you can find support in the sometimes lonely job of making change happen.


It will be fun.

What is the program?

The program is multi-layered in that several threads happen simultaneously. 


You will experience six unique days of transformative workshops that leverage music and dance, body awareness, emotional release tools, osho kundalini meditation, new concepts and models, individual, pair, and group work, a cacao ceremony, as well as being well-fed with good company and food.


Each workshop is a stepping stone, building upon the last, as you embark on a journey of self-discovery. You will explore the inner landscape of your life, relationships, the systems you are part of, and your place in the world. This progressive approach ensures a comprehensive and transformative experience. 


In a safe place to share, everyone is heard, and they explore their inner needs and strategies for meeting them. It is an exploration inward to enable a better and more effective life. 





How do the days work?

The retreat starts with an opening ceremony on Sunday and ends with a closing ceremony on Friday.


For those who enjoy an early start, we offer a rejuvenating meditation and movement session in the early morning. This invigorating activity kick-starts your day, helps you connect with your body, and sets a positive tone for the day's activities.


After breakfast, we take a different journey each day, depending on the theme of the day. 


Following the morning activities, you will gather in your small pod. This intimate group, consisting of a few individuals, provides a safe space for you to share and explore your personal experiences. It's a time for reflection, absorption, and making sense of your journey, enhancing your overall retreat experience.


After a break, we get together as a whole group, and there is space for individuals to share and be heard by the wider group. 


In the afternoon and evening, deep workshops will be held around the theme of the day. These are transformative workshops in which you embody the change you are making and learn new models and experiences. 


There is time to hang out, connect, and make new friends. 



Is there a reason not to join?

You also need to be in good physical and mental health. This retreat involves movement, stretching, and breathing exercises that require a solid base of physical health. Our events also delve into deep emotional work and experiences, which can bring up sensitive memories or past traumas. While these experiences are often transformative, they are best engaged from a place of stable mental health.


If you feel you are not in a good enough state of health to participate, we recommend that you first seek help and ask the advice of a trained health professional before deciding to attend.


In addition to good mental and physical health, you need an open mind and willingness to participate. 

We use techniques such as dance, meditation, shamanic journeys, and constellation work to help you explore your inner self and rewire the things you want to improve. If you are not open to this type of work, you will not benefit from it. We recommend that you attend with an open mind and be willing to try the activities.  

Themes for each day

Day 1: Connect, open, and create the bubble.

Day 2: We focus on individual growth

Day 3: We look at partner work and how we relate to others

Day 4: We explore systems. Systems, such as our families, working life, and wider society, etc.

Day 5: We explore our connection to the universal consciousness that provides us with intuition, energy, and purpose.

Day 6: We integrate all of these things into something you can take back into the world as a more effective platform for change.

Simon Powers

"I am very excited to bring this spiral butterfly retreat to you. It is the culmination of 30 years of personal development, relationships, systems, and change work put into a retreat that goes way beyond anything that has been done before."


Program Leads

Olga has multiple Diplomas in Sexology, Kinesiology, Systemic Therapy (Systemic Constellations), Life Coaching, Kundalini Yoga, ancestral practices, and Feminine mysteries.

Being Passionate about the limitlessness of human potential, she uses integrative methods of modern therapies and spiritual and ancient mystical knowledge to empower people to connect with their core potential, beauty and power, no matter what life experiences they had before.

She specialises in supporting people to get free from traumas, depression, dependences, suicidal behaviour, violence, sexual abuse, lack of self-esteem, and fear of sexuality. Although she started her path with ascended spirituality and psychology, after some years, she discovered the amazing power of Tantra and Sex Mysteries, which she started to learn passionately worldwide.

Olga is the organiser of ISTA trainings (International School of Temple Arts) in Austria, Cyprus and Russia.

Olga Homsi

Nutrition - what will we eat?

All meals are provided. Every meal is wholesome and filling. Meals are beautifully presented, and we eat together. 

Breakfast, lunch, and evening are the main meals of the day. Snacks are available throughout the day. You are welcome to bring your own snacks and additional food. 

Pease do not bring any alcohol or recreational drugs, you wont need them and we operate a natural high only policy!

If you have any special requirements, you can request when you book.

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